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The Difference Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist

Are Did you confuse between orthodontists and a Dentist? Orthodontist and Dentist both work to improve the beauty of your smile, but in different ways. A Dentist deals with teeth, gums, nerves, and jaws whereas an Orthodontist focuses on correcting bites, occlusion and straighten the teeth. How are they similar - A Dentist and Orthodontist both focus on oral care and work in the dental office by providing the same care. In this way, we can say that they are similar. Both are Doctors and works to deal with Teeth and Gums.

How are they Different - There are many different like an Orthodontist requires additional Qualification (Branch of Dentistry) and focuses on teeth and jaws to get the best possible functions. An Orthodontist works with the alignment of teeth, improving their bite, or fitting for the corrective braces and devices.

The dentist provides services including Tooth Delay, Root canal, Gum Disease, crown, bridges, veneers, and teeth whitening whereas an Orthodontist works for misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, an overbite, and underbite. Orthodontist works for the crooked teeth and if you want to get treatment of a temporomandibular disorder or any other problem with the jaw you should consult an orthodontist to get rid of this problem.

Smile is the most important feature that we present to the world so if you want to increase the beauty of your smile you should consult with a fully trained specialist orthodontist. By getting this treatment you will feel more confident and live a happier and healthier life. The main difference between an orthodontist and a Dentist is schooling to become a specialist an Orthodontist has to do more schooling and complete certification in his area of work.

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